Football Manager 2008

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One of the most realistic football management simulators


  • Highly detailed, very realistic
  • Nicely designed interface


  • No tutorial to help newcomers
  • No background music

Very good

There are two main kinds of football games: the ones where you actually play the match against your competitor, moving the team players across the field, and the ones where you play as the manager of the team.

Football Manager obviously falls in the latter, as you can tell from its name, and offers gamers a comprehensive simulators that covers every single aspect of football management, from hiring players to game tactics, including training schedule, salaries and of course, dealing with team supporters.

In fact, the game is so complete that it feels just too overwhelming when you run it for the first time. Also, the fact that the tutorial is broken doesn't help either. But after playing it for a while, you can tell that this game is going to get you hooked on your computer for hours. Just one tip: use your own background music because the game doesn't have any.

Football Manager 2008 enables you to make your dream come true and manage your favorite football team with highly realistic detail.

Football Manager returns before Christmas packed full of new features for fans of the much-acclaimed series from Sports Interactive to feast their eyes on. Football Manager 2008 is out on PC / Mac this autumn, and offers football fans the chance to take on the greatest job on earth; manager of there favourite football club!

Bigger, smoother and more in-depth than ever, Football Manager 2008 is packed full of so much newness it could well take a lifetime to discover every new feature. So we asked Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at SI Games, to take us through some of the changes you'll want to hear about most:

Transfer Center

A new way of managing all current transfer and loan bids for your club, both incoming and outgoing, making it easier to compare bids and reject or accept them.

Finance Revamp

Sports Interactive have updated the finance area of Football Manager 2008 to better reflect the ever-changing modern football world.

International Management

The international management gameplay has been completely revamped for Football Manager 2008, including, but not limited to, media improvements, international retirements, player interaction, international scouting and more.

Match Flow

The largest change to matchdays in a Sports Interactive game since the introduction of the 2D match engine. Match flow brings more atmosphere to matchdays with match previews, team talks, opposition player instructions, the match itself, half time and post match now seamlessly following on from one another.


You can now easily tell what your board and supporters think about your performance in the game through the new confidence section. This gives you feedback not just on your current progress in competitions, but also your financial management and signings.

Easier to Use

A much cleaner skin, a brand new advisor system to help you through various areas of the game, a new notes and notebook system, better button positioning for simpler navigation and an updated tutorial and manual.

Match Engine Improvements

A greatly improved match engine, once again utilizing the footballing brain of Ray Houghton and other tools used by real-life managers, to make the most accurate simulation of football in a computer game even more like-life than ever before.

Expanded Media

More media and feedback than ever before, plus more detail in existing media, and a new competition news section to find out what major things are going on in all league competitions.

Regenerated Player Photos

All in-game regenerated players now have pictures using FaceGen technology to give each player more personality. This gives the ability for players to be seen to mature and grow-up looks-wise in front of your eyes as the game is going on.


Saving and loading is now significantly faster, with network gaming quicker and smoother to play, as well as tactical changes and match reports being faster than ever before.

Football Manager 2008


Football Manager 2008 Strawberry Demo

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